Ellwee Electric Golf Carts

Ellwee golf carts are the next generation of affordable, zero emissions, multi-purpose electric golf vehicles.

red Ellwee golf cart parked in driveway


The Next Generation Electric Vehicle

Sweden has a world renowned reputation for building quality vehicles. ELLWEE carries on that tradition with the first affordable, zero emissions, mult-purpose vehicle in its class. Available in 5 different colors, each with many options and configurations, ELLWEE is fully customizable to fit your individual lifestyle.

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red Ellwee parked on a golf course

Ellwee is Designed to Be Fun, Safe, and Easily Accessible for Every Customer

Each model is available now In white or black. Red, yellow, and blue are coming soon!

Ellwee X Resort white

Ellwee X Resort

The Ellwee X Resort is the premium version of Ellwee and comes with a modern LED head light, a sleek tail light, smoothly curved blinkers and a couple of side view mirrors that provides a perfect overview on whats going on behind you.

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Ellwee Easy Golg black

Ellwee Easy Resort

The Ellwee Easy. Designed to be inclusive, the Ellwee Easy has all the functionalities from Ellwee X combined with improved charac- teristics and features to achieve the highest levels of stability and handling. Slide in with ease and enjoy the freedom of mobility with accessible design.

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Ellwee X Golf white

Ellwee X Golf

The Ellwee X Golf is a perfect new way to get around the golf course. You will find the Ellwee to be fun, time-saving, and safe as you make your way back out on the course.

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Ellwee Easy Golg black

Ellwee Easy Golf

The big problem with golf has been time, and now you can really speed up and play a lot more golf in a lot shorter time

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Design Features

white Ellwee golf cart detail photos
blue Ellwee golf cart detail photos
blue Ellwee golf cart detail photos
blue Ellwee golf cart detail photos


Ellwee golf cart size specificaitons
1500 W, 3500 rpm
Forward/Reverse 12,3:1
48V 63Ah or 48V 100Ah
Range (48V 63Ah)
65 km (40 mi)
(*asphalt surface, driver weight 88 kg)
Factory speed setting
20 km/h (12mph)
Optional maximum speed
25 km/h (15mph)
Minimum turning radius
2,8 m (110in)
Ground clearance
10 cm (4in)
Front brake (hydraulic)
Disc on each side
Rear brake (hydraulic)
Mechanical drum brake on
each side, self-adjusted.
Parking brake
Electric (switch controlled)
Dry weight
(with battery) – 160kg (350lb)
Total weight (Dry weight + Max load)
320kg (705lb)
Max load front multi holder
30kg (66lb)
Max load rear multi holder
30kg (66lb)
Tire type & size
Turf / 16 x 7,50 – 8
Rim type & size
Aluminum / 8 x 5,5
Tire pressure
1,1 bar (16 psi)