Sipa Paddleboards

SipaBoards are self-inflating SUPs with a fully-integrated, emission-free jet engine for that little push you need to help keep you paddling.

4.5mph Top Speed

6hour Max Range

180 to 360watt Jet Drive

two people paddle sipa stand up paddleboard
Man riding a Radinn electric jetboard

35mph Top Speed

45min Range Per Charge

3700watt Engine

Now is the time to discover uncharted waters. To play in any pond, lake, sound, or stream. It’s time to dive in with Radinn, an electric jetboard designed to take you to the very edge and explore waters where no traditional boat can go.


Designed with precise attention to detail, this self-balancing electric moped is available in on and off road models with a motor capable of climbing a 22% grade. It’s all you will ever want in a scooter.

26mph Top Speed

38mile Max Range

1000watt Engine

KAASpeed electric scooter
Moke electric vehicle at Wexford Harbor, WSC

25mph Top Speed

45miles Range Per Charge

7.5Kw Engine

The iconic Moke is a beautifully designed electric low-speed vehicle, street legal on roads 35mph or under. It plugs into any household outlet with a range of 45 miles on a full charge. Available in so many colors and options you will have a hard time deciding which one you love most. Discover why Moke is the most exhilarating electric vehicle experience.
Ellwee Golf Carts

The first eco-friendly, afforable, multipurpose electric golf cart that challenges traditional thinking. Fully customizable, it’s designed to make a statement.

15mph Top Speed

40mile Range Per Charge

1500watt Engine

Ellwee golf cart

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Delivery is available throughout South Carolina and Georgia