Radinn Jetboards

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The Carve

Radinn’s most agile board, perfect for a responsive feel and high-performance ride.

Skill Level

62 liters 70 inches 24.8 inches
Volume Length Width

The Freeride

Radinn’s sleekest board, perfect for a premium feel and ultra-smooth ride.

Skill Level

62 liters 70 inches 24.8 inches
Volume Length Width

The X-Sport

Radinn’s most durable board, perfect for a stable feel and versatile ride.

Skill Level

62 liters 70 inches 24.8 inches
Volume Length Width


No trips to the gas station nor polluting waterways with harmful emissions


Powerful jetpacks that soar over the water at incredible speeds


Industry-leading battery life for more time on the water


Less noise pollution, more connection with nature


Digital capabilities for easy functionality and remote upgradeability


The ability to use multiple boards with the same battery and jetpack

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Radinn Design
and Technologies

The Jet

The G3 Jet is an extremely powerful and reliable water jet. It is also smart in the way that you can use the settings menu in the Radinn app, making it suitable for all kinds of riders. Big or small, beginner or pro.

The Battery

The G3 battery is the most advanced water sports battery on todays motorized surfing market. This battery delivers enough ride time to put a big smile on the face of the most seasoned riders for the best possible rider experience.

Upgrade to Unleashed™ Power

Go faster, ride harder + remain in control


Step up from the ride modes that come included with your jetpack (Easy and Standard).
Once upgraded, you can toggle between all four ride modes in the Radinn app.

PRO mode delivers significantly more power than Standard (with top speeds of up to 36 mph / 58 kmh*) while still remaining easy on your battery’s state of charge.
Unleash yourself. Radinn’s most powerful ride mode taps into twenty percent more horsepower than PRO, delivering never-before-seen speed, torque, and acceleration.

The advantages of upgrading to Unleashed™

Extreme performance doesn’t just mean going faster. It means more acceleration and torque, too.
Take each one up a notch and you’ve got an entirely new riding sensation.

  • Smoother rail-to-rail transitions
  • Better control through deep turns
  • Quicker planning with less effort
  • Added confidence chasing aerials
  • Ability to avoid hinderances

*Top speed varies based on the rider’s weight, the battery pack’s state of charge, weather conditions and board model. These are typical figures and not a guarantee of performance.

Radinn Hull Tech

More coming soon!

Radinn diagram xdl hull tech

Radinn Hull Tech

 More coming soon!

Radinn diagram xdl hull tech

The Radinn App

Radinn jetboards are connected to our cloud sevices via the Radinn app. Connect your board to the app at any time to change your performance settings, view our interactive riding tools, and download new software upgrades.

Radinn diagram xdl hull tech