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A Moke is So Much More than a Golf Cart!

Max Speed 25MPH | Range 40 Miles | Charge Time 6-8 HRS
Moke features
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Buy a Moke in 11 Available Paint Colors

You can order a new electric Moke in 11 different colors and independently specify those colors for the body, bumper, grill and roll bar to create a vehicle that truly reflects your style.

Moke black color
Moke blue color
Moke orange color
Moke pink color
Moke red color
Moke white color
Moke yellow color
Moke cobalt color
Moke green color
Moke rose color
Moke camouflage color

Choose From 9 Bimini Tops

Moke bimini tops are made from a weather resistant canvas material and designed to stow conveniently in the rear trunk. They are easy to take on and off for sun and rain protection at a moments notice.

black Moke bimini top

Bimini Top

white Moke bimini top

Bimini Top

tan Moke bimini top

Bimini Top

black Moke bimini top

Boathouse Stripe
Bimini Top

black Moke bimini top

Candy Cane Stripe
Bimini Top

black Moke bimini top

Sunny Stripe
Bimini Top

black Moke bimini top

True Blue Stripe
Bimini Top

black Moke bimini top

Forever Green Stripe
Bimini Top

black Moke bimini top

Black Stripe
Bimini Top

3 Bimini Tops with Sides

Protect your passengers from the elements by ordering a special canvas bimini top with zip-on side panels. This option is available in 3 colors and includes the bimini top with zippers, two weather-resistant side panels and one rear window, all with clear, marine-grade vinyl windows.

black Moke Bimini top with black sides

Black Bimini Top
with Black Sides

white Moke Bimini top with white sides

White Bimini Top
with White Sides

tan Moke Bimini top with tan sides

Tan Bimini Top
with Tan Sides

Design Your Own Custom Bimini Top

If you really want your Moke to stand out from the crowd, we offer custom-made bimini tops. Pick out any Sunbrella or Lilly Pulitzer fabric and we will make it into a one of a kind custom top for just for you.

Choose Additional Options Galore

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