Sipa Neo Electric Stand Up Paddleboard

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Neo is the undisputed featherweight champion. Sleek and agile, easy to turn and packed with energy, our 11′ cruising board means serious fun. A perfect pick for smooth waters and quick escapades.

  • Self-Inflating
  • Electric jet motor
  • Front and rear carrying handles
  • 11ft x 30in x 6in

Go faster, further, and safer with a powered paddle board

SipaBoards are designed to keep a faster, more consistent pace, and extend ride times with less fatigue. SipaDrive delivers extra power to paddle against the wind and tides to get you home safely.

SIPA electric paddle boarding at sunset


3 self-Inflating electronic drive models featuring the updated SipaDrive

Jet Propelled


Emission Free E-Drive

Battery Life Up To 6h

Up to 4.5 mph

Easy Transport

Self-Inflating with a push of a button

Sipa electric stand up paddle board water flow

SipaBoard Drive models include a SipaDrive jet motor with dual batteries approved for carry-on air travel

Take your Sipaboard anywhere with full battery autonomy to explore the world.

man wears a SIPA electric paddle board in a backpack at air port

Check your Sipaboard as baggage and carry-on the batteries

SIPA electric paddle board drive and motor

The upgraded SipaDrive provides up to 6hrs of battery assisted paddling

man on a SIPA electric paddle board

Deflated the Sipaboard will travel anywhere you can fly

High tech and durable with features no other board offers

Sipa electronic stand up paddle board durable construction

Durable Construction

Built with the highest grade MSL materials, ultra light and rigid.

SIPA inflatable electric paddle board pressure

Optimal Pressure

Automatically inflates board to maintain optimal pressure.

SIPA electric paddle board light

Board Light

Under board LEDs light up the water for night riding and safety.

SIPA electric paddle board mobile app

Bluetooth Remote

Control your board and track your rides with the Sipa App.

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