Ride now, pay later.

Pay for your purchases over time with a buy now, pay later partner.

Your purchases, your way

Take advantage of our partnership with two of the largest and most respected Buy Now Pay Later providers in the nation.

To help make purchasing one of innovative electric vehicles more affordable through monthly payments we partnered with two of the largest and most respected Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) providers in the nation – NaluPay and Affirm. Both of these options have very quick review and approval processes and utilize a “Soft Pull” of your credit report so there is no negative impact to your credit score from checking if you qualify. When you use one of their services for a purchase that loan will be reported to the various credit bureaus which may have a positive or negative impact on your credit score depending on how you handle and manage your loan.

Choose the Best Option for You

Credit lines up to $50,000

NaluPay provides a very fast approval process for customers. NaluPay gives you credit lines up to $50,000 and more repayment options, but it takes a little longer to complete the transaction; especially after hours.

Apply Now

NaluPay provides users with the ability to have large credit lines and instant credit decisions within seconds. NaluPay requires a little “up front” work on your and Carolina Rides part to create your customer profile and start your approval process. It is not an immediate online purchase process – use Affirm if you want to purchase today – but it does provide some very nice, higher loan amount options. The higher loan amount may make purchasing multiple of our fun items affordable to you and your family.

  • Very quick application process with zero paperwork – all online
  • Soft Credit Pull (No impact to credit score to apply)
  • 6 month “Open to Buy Window”
  • Installment loan vs. revolving credit
  • Instant approvals
  • Interest rates from 3.99% to max of 23.99%
    • Determined by loan duration, type and your credit rating and history
    • Some borrowers are able to take advantage of 0% financing if paid in full within 6 months
  • No fees / hidden penalties
  • You choose the payment plan that works best for you
  • Exceptional customer service from NaluPay team

Starting a New Application

We only need three pieces of information:

  1. Your email
  2. Your mobile number
  3. Your date of birth

Apply for NaluPay

The application will then automatically fill out your name, SSN, and address. You have the chance to update if anything needs updated. All you have to do is enter your annual income before tax.

  • If you want to put in a requested loan amount you can, but not needed.
  • When you are approved the system will let you know how much you have to spend with Carolina Rides and give you a choice of different loan options.
  • Once you choose your option and purchase the items you will be sent the NaluPay’s Terms & Conditions via DocuSign
    • It only makes the funds available for you to use as with us.
    • The final purchase amount is the amount that gets reported to the credit agencies.

Using your NaluPay funds

  • Once you are approved, call us at 843.378.6653 and we can complete your order for you over the phone.
  • We will “TAG” you in the NaluPay system and you will get a text to confirm the purchase.
  • Your purchase is now complete and we will go to work getting your item shipped to you.

You can also visit our location on beautiful Hilton Head Island and complete your NaluPay transaction in person and take your new innovative electric vehicle home with you.

Loan Amounts $50 to $17,500

Affirm is a loan company that allows users to buy our products today and pay off those purchases in fixed monthly payments. Affirm is better for purchases less than $17,500 that you want to make immediately online.

Apply Now

The benefit of using Affirm is they don’t charge late fees, service fees, prepayment fees, or any other hidden fees. Affirm offers a pay- in-four plan to shoppers with no interest and zero fees. Monthly payment plans charge between 10% to 30% APR.

Affirm offers clear, simple financing for your online purchases:

  • Fill your cart and select the Affirm payment option on Carolina Rides’ checkout page.
  • Enter a few basic pieces of information to identify yourself. Affirm will let you know if you are approved for a loan in real time.
  • Review your payment plan details and click confirm to finalize the loan. Once you’re done, your purchase from Carolina Rides will be on its way and you will soon be electrifying your fun. It is that simple. Just remember to pay your bills on or before their due dates or sign up for auto payment at www.affirm.com/pay.

To sign up for Affirm, you must

  • Be 18 years or older (19 years or older in Alabama or if you’re a ward of the state in Nebraska).
  • Provide a valid U.S. or APO/FPO/DPO home address.
  • Buy with Affirm is not currently available to Iowa or West Virginia residents.
  • Provide a valid U.S. mobile or VoIP number and agree to receive SMS texts.
  • Provide your full name, email address, date of birth, and the last 4 digits of your social security number to help us verify your identity

Affirm Additional Information

  • Are there any interest or fees associated with your Affirm loan?
  • Yes, Affirm loans vary between 10% and 30% APR simple interest
  • Do I have a credit limit with my Affirm loan?
  • Unlike a credit card, Affirm is not a revolving line of credit.
  • Does Affirm perform a credit check?
  • Yes, when you first create an Affirm account, they perform a ‘soft’ credit check to
  • help verify your identity and determine your eligibility for financing.

  • Does this ‘soft’ credit check affect my credit score?
  • No, it will not affect your credit score.
  • Can I cancel my purchase through Affirm?
  • No, Affirm cannot cancel any purchase or return items to Carolina Rides.

What are the benefits of using Affirm?

  • Affirm provides clear, simple, and on the spot financing for online purchases.
  • Affirm does not charge late fees, service fees, prepayment fees, or have any other hidden fees (Affirm loans vary between 10% and 30% APR simple interest).
  • Unlike a credit card, Affirm is not a revolving line of credit. Customers can take out multiple Affirm loans at once, each Affirm loan application is evaluated separately as a closed-end transaction.
  • Affirm performs a ‘soft’ credit check that does not affect your credit score.
  • Affirm reports loan and payment activity to credit bureaus, allowing customers the opportunity to build their credit history as they repay their Affirm loan(s).
  • Affirm will send you email and SMS text messages to remind you of upcoming payments.
  • Affirm’s easy to access mobile app allows you to manage your account and make payments on the go.

The choice is yours

Affirm Pay in 4

Make 4 interest-free payments every 2 weeks. Great for everyday purchases.

  • No interest or fees
  • No impact on your credit score
  • Set up easy, automatic payments
Monthly payments

Choose monthly installments. Perfect for big-ticket items. The interest rate you pay is dependent on your individual credit score and history.

  • No hidden fees—ever
  • What you see is what you pay
  • Set up easy, automatic payments

Affirm strives to keep you out of unhealthy debt by facilitating fair, transparent credit so you can pay over time for the things you love. We offer affordable monthly payments at a pace you choose—usually 3, 6, or 12 months—so you’re in control. From day one, you know how long you’ll pay, and you know how much you’ll pay because Affirm never charges late fees or other hidden fees.

Visit Nerd Wallet’s detailed review of Affirm for more information.

Please remember, this approval process, loan funding, and repayment process is not in any way associated with Carolina Rides. NaluPay and Affirm are completely separate companies and we have no control over the process. NaluPay and Affirm are great at what they do and allow us to provide our customers with payment options other than one time payment with a credit card or ACH.