KAASPEED Electric Moped, Red, Round Tires

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Top Speed: 28 mph
Max Range: 40 miles

KAASPEED is 100% electric with class-leading performance and a range of 40 miles with a fat-tire ride that can’t be beat!

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What’s in the box?

KAASPEED in the box

KAASPEED Accessories Included

For every KAASPEED purchase, customers will also receive:

  • Battery charger
  • 2 RFID keys
  • 2 battery compartment keys
  • 2 brake lock straps
  • Instruction manual
  • Multi hex wrench

Battery and Range

KAASPEED battery by LG with 40 miles of range

40 Miles of Range

95% of all trips by US adults are less than 30 miles. With 40 miles of range, getting there on your KAASPEED electric moped is the best part!

Every KAASPEED features a 48V LG car-grade, high-density battery providing optimal mix of strength and endurance. It’s better for the environment and a lot more fun.

  • Charge time: 5-6 hours
  • Charge level indicator
  • LG Chem 18650 lithium cells
  • ~1,000 cycle lifespan
  • 48V, 19.2AH, ~ 1 Kilowatt
  • 54.6V (Max charging voltage)
  • Short circuit protection
  • Over current protection
  • Over charge protection

Radinn Battery

KAASPEED self-balancing fat tire scooter

Like Surfing on Two Wheels

KAASPEED is the first self-balancing, 100% electric, fat tire moped on the planet. Whether seated or standing, KAASPEED’s fat tire design and low center of gravity allows you to lean in to your turns for the sensation of surfing on the road. The flat rear tire combination stands up on its own without a kickstand, just get off and walk away.

Ultra-Wide tires

LTD Hull Tech

Built for the Road and Beyond

Custom Kenda tires provide a smooth ride thanks to their shock-absorbing tire pressure and ultra-wide 18.5 x 9.5 inch size. Choose from the standard round front with flat rear tire configuration, or opt for double round or double knobby tires.

KAASPEED tires flat

Kenda Flat Tires

Flat rear tires have slightly more radius compared to the front round tire to improve stability and a self-balancing stance. Suitable for rides on flat ground.

KAASPEED tires round

Kenda Round Tires

Double round tires offer more aggressive handling and longer coasting times. Round tires are suitable for riding on the road and flat ground.

KAASPEED tires knobby

Kenda Knobby Tires

Knobby tires provide excellent traction and lower tire pressure for extra shock absorption, suitable for sand and off road riding.

Attach Some Fun

KAASPEED electric scooter Hitch Rack on Range Rover

Pair your KAASPEED electric moped with a number of accessories to match your lifestyle. The KAASPEED quick attach system makes attaching everything from golf bags and surfboards to coolers and cargo racks a cinch.

KAASPEED electric scooter with cargo rack

KAASpeed Cargo Rack

You’ll find new excuses to run errands around town with the new KAASPEED cargo rack with the quick connect system.

KAASPEED electric scooter with surfboard rack

KAASpeed Surfboard Rack

Emissions are down, but the surf is up! Attach the surfboard rack and hit the beach for some fun.

KAASPEED electric scooter with golf bag rack

KAASpeed Golf Bag Rack

Pair a KAASPEED electric moped with a golf rack and speed up your game with the ability to go where your ball goes.

Frame Design

KAASPEED 6061 aluminum frame

Every KAASPEED electric moped is built using aircraft-grade 6061 Aluminum. Not only is it stronger, lighter and more durable, it is also highly resistant to corrosion, stress and cracking. The result is a net weight of only 105 pounds, the lightest in it’s class, and a load capacity of 400 lbs.

Need Help with Your KAASpeed?

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Purchase with a Peace of Mind

As an Authorized Radinn Dealer, your purchase from Carolina Rides is covered by KAASpeed’s standard warranty.

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